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This is the page where I'll give you the top three musical songs, the days poll, the answer to the previsous days poll, and the animal of the day. For the poll email me your answer at and please only vote once.

What is the must have of the summer???
1. Sunglasses
2. Flip Flops
3. Air condition
Vote by sending an email at

Hey!!! Since there was no poll yesterday there is no poll answers!!!!

Today's animal is a shark!!!

Animal of the day!!!

Today's animal is a shark. I chose this animal because when you think of summer you think of the beach. What's at the beach sharks!!!!!! Did you know that when a shark loses its tooth another one grows back in  its place!!!! If you have any ideas of an animal of the day sent me an e-mail at!!!!!

Music top 3

1. Mariah carey- We belong together
2. Gorillaz- feel good inc
3. Kelly Clarkson- Behind these hazel eyes